Strange problem with Grafana, InfluxDb and nodered

I have Nodered and Grafana connected and its working as it should.
But I have problems with 1 sensor data, as it stops to work properly in grafana after around 1-2 days, when Grafana stops to get values from this particular sensor. The sensor is still posting data in Nodered and Grafana is still getting values from other sensors using the same influx database. Im using mqtt to deliver the data from the sensor to nodered and looks like mqtt is not a problem, as Nodered still presents data from this sensor, just grafana dont..

Any ideas how can i approach this problem?

Is the data from the sensor being stored in influx? I'd look at that part.

Start by putting a debug node showing the data going to the influx node, then you can check whether the data is being sent to the db node

Done, now waiting for sensor dropout.
@ [zenofmud] Will check influx data too, but im not that familiar with influx in general

Ok I managed to find the problem. I somehow overlooked that the whole sensor drops down, and I actually get no values into nodered.
Now its time to check debugging on the d1 mini, which holds the mqtt code.
Thanks for help, but looks like this isnt the right forum for my problem=)