Strange text behavior in the dashboard

I noticed a small, slightly annoying quirk in the dashboard, and before I put a lot of effort into tracking it down, I wondered whether someone in the group might have an explanation. I am running the same flow under NR v0.19.5 on a Mac laptop and under v0.19.4 on a Raspberry Pi 3B. When I view each dashboard with the Safari browser on the Mac, it seems that the text used for the group name ("Notifications" in the screenshots) is smaller in the new version on the Mac.

NR v0.19.5 MacBook

NR v0.19.4 RPi

I don't think my eyes are deceiving me, and I like the old version better. Has the dashboard code changed or is it the host?

You could try 0.19.5 on the pi to find out. Or the other way round.

That is the dashboard not the editor so it’s the version of dashboard you have that matters. What is that in both these cases ?

@dceejay Of course. The pi is running node-red-dashboard v2.7.0 and the mac is running v2.11.0 . The version on the pi is almost a year old since it is a production machine and not broken until recently. Sorry if this makes it harder to find where the change happened.

Hmm right yes does seem to have shrunk at some point - will have a look.