Stuck with a dashboard - again

Well this is a bit of a re-visit, but I am stuck with how to get the formatting on this working.

I want FIXED TEXT to be in certain places on the screen.

I have three rows of buttons and to their left I want fixed text saying what they do.


For this case I use following trick:

  1. Let’s say we have a group of width 6.
  2. Add 3 buttons and configure them. Set width 2 for each button.
  3. Add 3 text labels with required description. Keep value empty. Set width 4 for each label.
  4. in Dashboard pane arrange widgets in the group as:
  • Button-text-Button-text-Button-text.

Total of 4 + 2 = 6. Dashboard sets the widgets sequentially by place they require. You could play around with the numbers keeping sum of each row in group equal the group width.

I'm not quite getting what you are saying.

This (see picture) is what I have done in the mean time.

But the words on the left are a bit messy.

I can send the flow, but I think that will be a bit over the top at this time.

And since it is kind of related.... But lone "0" you see at the bottom is a text node I am stuck with also.

I am doing remote commands on (remote) machines. That is the return code (with time out) of the command's return code.

But I can't work out a way to "filter"/split/(what ever) to it, so if the command is ok, I get ...... 1 and if it fails I get 0 ?????

(It would be better if I could make a block change colour. Maybe even the button I pressed.)

But again: That is beyond me, and when I search for how to do it, it doesn't .... work for me.

You said you wanted three rows of buttons with fixed text to the left and that is exactly what your screenshot shows, so what about the screenshot do you want to change? You say the text to the left is messy but I don’t understand what you mean by that.

It is best to keep one problem to a thread, to start adding stuff like the filter/split question will just confuse things. Much better to start a new thread for that.

Well, it is HOW I got there.

I had to “cheat” and put 3 text nodes to the left most of the actual buttons.

It is kind of nice in that the text is not in the same format as the buttons but that was more luck than brains.

Though it works - and that is the end goal - I was wondering if there was a … nicer way?

I would not regard that as a cheat, that is the way that @igrowing suggested.

Indeed - that is probably the right way to do it.