Style notification buttons

How can I style the notification buttons, to display black text?
Schermata 2022-05-29 alle 16.36.40

I have tried with:

<style>, {
    color: black ! important;

but it doesn't change.

color: black !important;

(assuming your selector is correct)

yes, sorry. that was a typo.
I entered the right syntax but it doesn't work

On my installation the following works.

#nr-dashboard > > md-dialog > md-dialog-actions > button {
    color: black;

but i may not have the same setup / version etc.

You should use the devtools "copy CSS path" option.


Yes, I used DevTools, and that line is exactly what it reports... Weird. Your style is not working too...

My bad!!!! Sorry, I forgot to remove a msgClassname message that was interfering with the template!
Now it works...

@Steve-Mcl , and thank you for your time!

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