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Anyone can give me a tip how to contact these guys?

I am using node-red-contrib-azureiothub (v0.5.3) but can't find a channel where I can report a problem or find solutions. my node stops receiving c2d messages from time to time, while still sending d2c messages.
I read about a fix in the azure-iot-sdk (v1.17.0) and I was wondering if it might be related, if there's an update of the node-red-contrib-azureiothub planned any time soon.

Assuming that you mean node-red--contrib-azure-iot-hub then there is a link to its GitHub page from the node's page on the node red flows site. You can submit an issue there.

unfortunately no, I mean node-red-contrib-azureiothub This seems to be the official version maintained by Microsoft related people...

If you run npm owner ls node-red-contrib-azureiothub you should be able to find contact details.

I get "not found" error.

This node is built upon the (official) microsoft azure-iot-sdk-node and they have common contributors
So tried to indirectly contact someone on that channel, but no reaction so far. (I don't seem to find a way to send a PM on github)

I get -

npm owner ls node-red-contrib-azureiothubnode
anthonyvercolano <>
azure-sdk <>
jebrando <>
microsoft <>
windowsazure <>

That is because I mistyped the name of the module. If you try running it against the module you want, you'll get the list of names.

Great! thanks for the quick response. I'll send some feedback here as soon as I know more. Would be usefull if they could add a github link to their node.

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