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Hi , does anybody know where can I get some guidance about hardware system requirements to install node-red ? How can I size the node-red infra ?

Well I have it installed on a Mac, a pi4 and a pi zero w.

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Hi @sanserg

we don't have any specific material for this - there are too many variables. Can you describe what sort of scenario you are trying to size for? Is this just a question of how much resource an individual instance needs? Or is it about running multiple Node-RED instances and what that takes to do?

As a single-threaded runtime, you don't need lots of cores unless you chose to run multiple Node-RED instances.

Probably the main things to consider is the sort of message rate you want to handle - both in terms of raw messages per second and typical size of message. That will influence how much memory you need - but again, trying to give you hard numbers on it is not easy to do.

Thanks @knolleary for your reply. We intend to use node-red for a project that will collect data from an OsiPi system using rest api and publish the Json data on Ibm Watson IoT Node.

We are evaluating if Watson IoT Node would be more performative that MQTT node to publish the payload.

See if this information could help:

1 message ~ 38 variables = assuming 1 variable can be 8 bites = 304 bites per message

Total 65 assets

one message each 5 minutes.

Appreciate your comments.



I would recommend using the MQTT nodes.

The WatsonIoT nodes may be a bit more convenient in configuring, but they are no longer being maintained by anyone.

In terms of workload, I assume you mean each of the 65 assets will be sending a message once every 5 minutes.

Assuming they are evenly spread out, that's one message roughly every 4 seconds, or worst case its 65 messages at once.

Either way, that's not going to require much capacity - particularly if all you are doing is forwarding the messages on and not doing any processing of them in the flow.

So I still can't give you anything like a precise figure, but base on what you've said a 512Mb instance would more than likely cope.

thanks Knolleary!

I will go ahead with your recommendation using MQTT ..thanks for this update and about requirements as well.

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