Tablets - Constant refresh and some intermittent lost connection

Bear with me before telling me to read the other posts....

As I have grown my dashboards (16 now) through out the years to have more extensive and gathering really a lot of data I have noticed that even a most simple dashboard has started to refresh/reload on tablets showing the data (this was not the case prior). The issue I have understand from other posts that this is related typically chart datas (or data in general) that are overwhelming poor tablets capabilities and hence typical the infamous "Lost Connection" comes.
But for What I have now experienced that even though I have complicated dashboards also it seems to be effecting all available dashboards, also the very simple ones.
So question is ? Are tablets somehow loading all available dashboards to memory and hence it is the total sum of all dashboards that is killing the connection or generating the refresh issue on tablets ? On PC Screen running it I have no issues.
If so anything that can de done to solve the issue. Lowering dashboard / Data is really not an option as I LOVE my smart home data :slight_smile:

I assume you mean pages on your dashboard?

Continuing that assumption let me explain.
There is only one dashboard. The whole thing is loaded into your browser. Anything that's not visible is still there, just not shown. This is what is known as a SPA.

In short, everything in your dashboard is loaded into the browsers memory. There is a possible way to contain things. You could keep track of which page is open and send or don't send chart data for example.

To be honest though, it seems you have outgrown the dashboard. I would look at Julian's uibuilder where you have much finer control.

Thanks Steve,

You are correct and I had not understood the Pages / SPA setup before you mentioned. Then it makes perfectly sense.

Has any one ideas how to move forward. I have understood that transporting data to home automation might be one way to go ? Half of my pages are interactive (requires input to make "things happen") and half is output graphs etc ( via Grafana ).

Help and experiences appreciated as always !

To answer my own question and give perhaps help for others I have transferred all Grafana graphs to FlexDash dashboard. This was fairly simple using their Iframe tool as all data was already in Grafana for me. The good part in FlexDash (even though it uses the same SPA logic) is that it can have multiple SPA's hence page loadings can be distributed !
For Node-red dashboard this has helped so that no refreshes or Lost connections !

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You should note that uibuilder would also allow you to do something similar and likely with just native HTML/JS (Flexdash uses VueJS instead of Dashboard's AngularJS).

Also, uibuilder supports true multi-page design, not just SPA patterns.

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