Tail Node path issue (Noob)

Hi, (warning, huge nood ahead!)

I've got Node-Red set up with Home Assistant (through the supervisor). It has allowed me to create a bunch of great automations so far.

Currently I'm trying to read a log file 'OZW_Log.txt' to get granular Z-Wave data.

From what I can tell I should be able to point a Tail Node at that file... but I can't get the Tail Node to find any files. (I get this debug info: "File not found: <any path I've tried>")

This is running on a Synology NAS with docker. Below are the relevant system paths:

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I can't seem to figure it out, and I haven't found any info besides some volume mounting info that's going a little over my head, and I didn't want to start messing around randomly with the docker config given that the rest of node-red is currently working.

Thanks in advance for reading, and hopefully pointing me in the right direction here. lol.

As you are running node-red in a docker container, you cannot access the native filesystem (it is a container, hence the word container)

You should be able to open the file like ./OZW_Log.txt
Or if that doesn't work, use an exec node to determine which directory node-red is living on with pwd

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Thanks for the reply!

I figured it out after playing with things for a bit again using your suggestion.

I found this list of volumes in the container details:
So, I just had to use: /config/OZW_Log.txt

It's reading out the file now, so now I can get to automating more things!


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