Telegram Computer Trivia Application with Node-RED

In the past few weeks, I have built a number of applications using Node-RED, mostly network / server / LAMP application management and monitoring related.

This week I built a Node-RED "Telegram Computer Trivia" application for killing time when waiting in line, stuck in traffic, or just relaxing watching YT; and while at the same time, learning more computer trivia and facts.

The details are here in this post:

Programming a Telegram Bot Using Node-RED, PHP, and MySQL

Here is the high level bot flow (the trivia part of the flow is in another tab connected by link nodes):

The rest of the details are in the link above including the flow for the trivia game (only seen as Link Node end points in the image above), the high level design approach, and more.

I will be updating the article (in the link above) with more details / code as I have time.

The app is currently operational and a number of people are already playing this Telegram computer trivia app and telling me how much they are having fun with it, as you can see in this post:

Play Computer Trivia on Telegram

I am a huge fan of Node-RED and want to again, thank the Node-RED team for such a well done and FUN node.js application.


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