Telegram Group Name

Hi @knolleary, sorry for the inconvenience. I manage the group on Telegram of "Node-Red Italia". We have reached 500 users and I am wondering if I need to have approval from you and the Node-red Team (I have already looked at your licenses which I think not to break). It is a classic group of technical support, ideas etc. in Italian mother tongue just to overcome the language barrier.

Thank you for reading.

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Hi, Node-RED was gifted to the JavaScript Foundation and is licensed under an Apache 2 license.

As a fully open source tool, you are free to do pretty much what you like as long as you acknowledge the license. :smiley:

Well the name belongs to the foundation as well so you can’t just claim the name on its own. As long a it is clear it is a user group it should be ok. (And we look forward to the i18n translations for the core ! :wink:

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Thank'you very much for your answer.

if is possible to help you for the translation, I am available if you want.

Thank's a lot

Hi - see German translation - anyone interested? for the currently ongoing German effort - which highlights the necessary files etc. - Obviously not a short term item, but if you can help get your group on board with an effort to create an Italian translation then that would be really good.