Template node "entry" on dashboard

(New project - kinda)

This is a picture of the flow.
See the nodes. Note the one circled in red.
That is the template node.


That gives me the background.
Fair enough.

But looking at the screen shot, I have this blank node - shown in red.
Moving the template node around in the list, that blank node moves.

How do I make it invisible?
It is occupying real estate on the screen which I can't afford.


Remove it ?

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But then I don't have the background picture. So it will work in one way but then remove another option I want.

But if it is invisible, whilst the background picture will be there you wouldn’t be able to see it. How is that any better?

Could you explain how to make it invisible?

(I know it is going to be obvious, but I am missing it)

Do you mean hide title?

@BartButenaers did you succeed in hiding the context menu, and if so could the same/similar technique be used here? I don’t know too much about the dashboard to answer this myself :slight_smile:

@dceejay did a mod to allow us (internally) set the size of the dashboard entry to -1 so yes but this is not possible at design time (I believe).

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I don't think he is in this conversation.

He isn’t, but he had the same issue in another topic.

Luckily I worked out a sneaky way around it by other reasons.