Test on Node-Red snap and without snap

I would love to use ewelink Node-Red palette that I found but I am getting errors while installing it (installation fails to complete).

Linking the issue that I have opened on the palette GitHub repo:

I want to know if the snap installation of Node-Red is the cause of failing to install the palette or if is it something else.

Can someone with the snap installation of Node-Red and someone without snap installation of Node-Red can try to install the ewelink palette and tell me if they are getting any errors on installation?.

Have you tried installing git?

If in doubt don’t use the snap. It is very restricted and doesn’t have access to others apps on the host.

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git installed on my computer.

Not sure why but node-red-contrib-ewelink-copy (node) - Node-RED get installed, which is a copy of what I have asked for to test.

So I guess the original one didn't work because of other reasons and not because of the snap.

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