Text_input logic in Node-red Dashboard

Hello everyone, I am making widgets like in the video. The point I use as reference is the knot red instrument panel. In "text entry" in the Node-red control panel, data is not lost when the page is refreshed and data is also transmitted to other browsers. With what logic does he do this? I need your opinion.

You need to have a think about the nature of Node-RED and the interaction with Dashboard.

Comms between the user browser Dashboard pages and the Node-RED server are LIVE, over websockets. So any change to a field on a Dashboard is reflected immediately back to Node-RED - not like a traditional web form where you much submit the form using a GET or POST http call.

As for the mirroring, Dashboard is not designed as a multi-user web ui so all instances of the Dashboard mirror.

thank you for your attention

You could always use uibuilder if you wanted to craft a multi-user UI but of course, you would likely need to do more of the base UI work yourself.