The field of people to hire for dashboard custom design

I have no knowledge of web design.
Starting a smart farm, I got to know node-red.
The node-red configurations work well, but the dashboard is not pretty.
So I want to hire someone to design my dashboard so it looks good, what field should I look for?

A lot depends on complexity. Dashboard is great for anyone with few to no web development skills to produce something that looks OK. But the further you go from the defaults, it gets exponentially harder because you end up fighting the underlying framework (AngularJS v1). At that point, you either need someone good at AngularJS v1 and hope they can get their heads around how to work with Node-RED (Dashboard does not give you access to all of AngularJS v1's features). Or you can switch to something like uibuilder where the node gives you some helpers to make the comms easy but otherwise stays out of the way unless you want it.

If using uibuilder, pretty much any web developer can build a data-driven UI. But then you have to have someone to maintain the front-end for future changes. With Dashboard, because you are mostly using what is built in, that may be less of an issue.

Any decent web developer should be OK at doing the visual design side but if you want real fancy, you might need a UX expert as well as a web developer.

To be honest, if you are just starting out and using Node-RED to help you with the farm, you may not yet really know what data you want to see or how you want it shown. So it may be better to do things on your own for a bit longer until you have the basics sorted even if they don't quite look as nice as you'd like. Then it would be easier for a developer to deliver - and almost certainly a lot cheaper for you.

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I agree with @TotallyInformation "So it may be better to do things on your own for a bit longer..."

To fill in a gap I've posted a few jobs I've needed help with on

Most of the help I needed creating CSS was all outsourced to upwork. Create a good mostly working example and post the requirements you need.

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