The "library" - just asking

I've been away for the last year or so and not on as much as I used to be.

But a few times in the past I have tried to remember to look at/in the "library"

This one.

And noticed the node-red-node-serialport node was the last one added.

Again and again and again.... and again.

Even today.

Is it broken? (The link/site) or what?

Not sure what you mean.

That link takes you to the page showing the search results for the word 'serial' and the most recently updated node that matches that search is node-red-node-serialport.

(Silly me)

I have been away for the last 12 or so months.

I have not really had much time on the computer.

Now things are back to normal I am trying to catch up on things.
(I don't close tabs - I just leave them open)

and I didn't check the search part at the top.

I just went to that tab and refreshed.


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