What's happened to the serial out/in nodes?

NR 2.1.6
Raspbian Buster.
RasPi 3A

Up until now I haven't had need for this node.

But attacking a problem I have from a different angle I now need it.

But I can't find it, and don't know its full name.

Searching the library I see one but I don't think it is the supplied one.

I'm wanting it to send messages to the GPIO pins.

Thanks in advance.

What’s happened to the serial out/in nodes?

Did you uninstall them?

This is the serial nodes that are included in a normal Node-red installation: https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-node-serialport

I may have as I do remember seeing a lot of errors from one of them on boot.

And.... as I wasn't using them, I may have deleted them/it.

But why can't I find a mention of them/it when I search for serialport?

What happens if you type in serial in the install tab of the palette manager?
This is what I get

Well, I didn't know what exactly to type, so I couldn't before now.

Hang on and I'll try.


It says it is installed.

But it doesn't appear in the list.

Screenshot from 2022-02-12 20-05-37

The one shows is a different one.

And putting aside the version....

Or is it the look of the serialport node has changed its look recently?

It used to be grey.

How do I configure it to use the GPIO comm pin?

That seems to be lacking in the config


Found it. But.... Still no luck.

I can't access the device.

/devs/ttyS0 I believe.

That is the GPIO pin - yes?

What sort of serial device are you connecting to your Pi?

A 20 x 4 RGB LCD.

Just now it is hooked up via I2C but there are possible hardware timing problems.
As I just remembered/realised it has a comm port input, I want to try that as an option.

So it is directly connected to the GPIO pins via jumper wires.

Can you give a link to the exact device you've got?

But just to add - getting serial devices to connect to a Pi via its GPIO pins is a non-trivial thing to do

I've not done it myself but I seem to remember that it requires quite a bit of configuration as it defaults to be being a serial console port.

That needs to be disabled before trying to use it for user stuff like Node-RED

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This one

I think that (like your Neopixel issue) that you need to get help with the fundamental setup over on the Pi forum.

Hardware like this needs to work at the base level before trying to access it from NR

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