Thought I'd pass this on

New device. ORANGE PI, Small snip from article
A Mali G510 MP4 graphics processor, "which has open-source driver hope via the Panfrost driver stack."
Four different versions with 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB of RAM using LPDDR4 or LPDDR4X. "The Orange Pi 4GB retails for ~$88, the Orange Pi 5 8GB version retails for $108, and the Orange Pi 5 16GB version retails for $138, while as of writing the 32GB version wasn't in stock."

In 169 performance benchmarks (compared to Raspberry Pi 4 boards), "this single board computer came out to delivering 2.85x the performance of the Raspberry Pi 400 overall."

Makes the Pi4 look cheap :rofl:

Amazon UK price for this Ā£420.00 :exploding_head:

Looks a nice bit of kit, but I think I will hold out for a Pi5

Word on the street is it will be a wait, 2024 at earliest

I have a Orange Pi 5, 16GB ram with a 2TB NVME drive, runs on proxmox and has a couple of VM's and linux containers running (including node-red), doesn't break a sweat. fantastic kit, saves me a bunch of powerhungry watts of my (currently turned off) NAS.

What OS do you run?

It runs on Proxmox, hypervisor for VM's and linux containers (LXC), that is like docker but then for OS-es.

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