Rasberry Pi 4 does it come with OS?

If I purchase the Rasberry Pi 4 will this come with sometype of Operating System so that I can run Node Red (The latest version). I don't need any on board I/O as all of my node red flows will be accessing web Api's and publishing Mqtt sparkplug b tags.

I am not sure I see a question.

But to reassure you that what I am reading in your post is correct.

You can download an OS from here - https://www.raspberrypi.com/software/

You can buy just a RPi-4B and flash a blank SD card (like @smcgann99 suggests).
This could be a card you already have or a blank one you have purchased.

Or, you could buy a complete "starter kit" that includes a pre-flashed card.
Here's a link to just one of many suppliers.

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