Trigger Node Status

Is it possible to check the status of the 'Trigger' node? It goes active after it receives a message, which is evident in the flow with a blue dot under the node. I would like to setup a dashboard view that indicates if a 'Trigger' node is active.

Have you had a go with the status node to see what messages are sent to status.

I havent, but i have the trigger setup to extend the delay whiles new messages are coming in. using it as a heartbeat. so long as messages arrive from mqtt, its live, if messages stop after x period of time, the trigger sends a message to an email node that sends me a message.

based on the flow you posted, the status would be after the trigger, and nothing is output from the trigger until the delay time elapses.


Actually, it looks like the status node has potential. It doesnt work the way I initially suspected. Thanks for the tip!

I have found a part of the message from the status object that I can monitor and set a text field on the dashboard.

the problem i am having now is that the text field value is persistent. So i am trying to find ways to reset it when the flows are restarted or when the trigger completes.

Do you not get a new status message when the trigger completes?

For restart, yes it can be an issue that nodes do not explicitly set the status on restart. You could use an Inject node set to fire once on startup to clear it, though that may not cope with a partial re-deploy. That is only a developement issue though, so you may be able to put up with that.

you can set the payload on the status messages

The change node sets payload to Jsonata expression

$$.status.fill = "blue" ? "triggered" : "reset"

@E1cid Your idea was right on the money. Forgot to update you yesterday. Once I figured out the object, I was able to sort out the restart with the inject, and the trigger with another change node.

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