Trouble with SignalK embedded Node-RED and Sense HAT

NPM 10.5
SignalK 2.6.2
Node_RED 3.1.6
node-red-node-pi-sense-hat 0.1.5
RPI 4 running Bookworm
Sense HAT hardware V1
running newest software including SignalK with Node-RED embedded. Loaded the Sense Hat nodes.
My results are confusing. Sometimes the Sense Hat node will start to work but most of the time the status shows disconnected. When it works and I restart it goes back to disconnected.

If I use MU the board seems to respond as expected so I kind of think it is a software or configuration problem. Thoughts on fixing this are appreciated. Any ideas? I have read some older posts and tried to use what has worked. What do I need to post to help others understand the problem and help me find a solution. I've been bouncing around for a couple weeks trying to solve this.
Thank you!