Trying to remove custom node

I installed a custom node (node-red-contrib-db2-for-i (node) - Node-RED). I need to remove it because it has a SQL injection vulnerability and I have to make sure it's not used. I run the uninstall, restart Node-RED, but the node still appears in the pallet. What am I doing wrong?


-bash-4.4$ cd ~/.node-red
-bash-4.4$ npm uninstall node-red-contrib-db2-for-i
audited 2 packages in 0.474s
found 0 vulnerabilities

where is this running? Is it on the IBM Cloud instance or a local device?

Assuming this is on a server you have access to and not an IBM Cloud instance, then you could have a look in ~/.node-red/.config.nodes.json - this will include a list of all nodes the runtime has loaded and where it has loaded them from. That should give you an idea as to where the db2 nodes are installed and where they need to be uninstalled from.

It's on a local server. ~/.node-red/.config.nodes.json shows ~/node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-db2-for-i/ibmdb2fori.js. I tried the uninstall from ~/node-red, but the node still appears.

Make a copy of package.json then remove that node from package.json and delete the link in .node-red/node_modules.
If it doesn't appear in package.json then come back.

Yuk! I've made quite a mess here. I accidentally installed some custom nodes to ~/node-red/ instead of ~/.node-red/. I'm going to save off my work, scratch both directories, and start over clean.

Thank you

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