TTN Data Storage Extraction

I must be missing something so I am hoping that this forum will help me in this way.

I’m new to Node Red having installed it on my Raspberry Pi only a few days ago, but having read about it for quite a while and read through a few videos to gain an understanding.

I have a few devices sending data over LoRaWan to TTN. I have added a ‘Data Storage’ to the application on TTN to capture the data and allow for a non real time link between TTN and my Node-Red application. I want to now extract that data from the Data Storage and get it into my Node-Red application on my RPi4. I’ve chosen this route as I believe a MQTT transfer is real time and if my RPi is offline or th network is down, I’ll miss the data.

I can’t figure out how to connect my Node-Red flow to the Data Storage and extract the data. When I hunt around on the internet, all the links point to a TTN deprecated package and nothing else.

I am at a complete loss, something that I thought should be so simple is completely baffling me so any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks fort any advice in advance.