TTN uplink to email and Pushover

Almost sure I am doing something wrong, as a NodeRED beginner I therefore would ask for some help. The flow below receives the payload from TTN which is shown in the debug frame. It’s my intention to send the value (36) via Pushover and/or via email but this does not work. The Pushover and email flows work when inject with a timestamp so their settings should be okay. Any suggestions?


Timestamp inject sends a "number" where as the debug output you show payload is an object with a property containing the value you want.

As the timestamp inject works, this would suggest the email and pushover nodes don't like recieving an object.

Try putting a JSON node after the ttn node to turn the object into a string. Alternatively, put a change node after the ttn node to set msg.payload to msg.payload.waarde.

Thanks for your advice Steve! After struggling for a while I just decided to reboot my RPi with MQTT/NodeRED and thereafter the flow runs. I remember this happend before with other flows, rebooting solved those issues too. Strange don't you think?

Strange indeed