"TypeError: Channel credentials must be a ChannelCredentials object"

I am new to node red and I encountered this error : "TypeError: Channel credentials must be a ChannelCredentials object "

Here is the realized schema, image
Your help please? How will I solve this problem?
Thank you

Welcome to the forum @Nabila

Please stop node red and then start it again in a terminal and paste the full output here from the start.

What OS/hardware are you running node-red on?

Thank you for your answer. I work on the linux system ubuntu.

You have not done that bit.

Yes, I did! Thank you

Well you didn't paste it here. Do you mean that something you saw there allowed you to fix the problem? If so then please post the solution so the next person that has the problem will know how to fix it.

I did this :
docker stop /mynodered
docker rm /mynodered
docker run -it -p 1880:1880 -v node_red_data:/data --name mynodered nodered/node-red

But i have another problem :

What i will do to solve it please ?

Have you setup an MQTT broker?

Have you tested it, using MQTTExplorer for example?

If the answer to both of those is Yes then that probably means that docker container does not have access to localhost. Are you using docker for a reason? If not then you might be better to install node-red outside docker using the Ubuntu/Debian/Pi script Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED

Yes, I already tested MQTT on MQTTBox and it works fine, it receives data from my IoT server.
I use Docker just for the ease of installation.
Thanks for your opinion, I try to install it outside docker.

Is channels an MQTT v5 thing ? If so maybe that is not correctly configured (as per original message) such that the connection fails...
Must admit I don't know enough about MQTTv5 to advise.

Thank you for your answer. For the MQTT used is MQTT v3.1.1

Can you share more details on where exactly you are seeing that error? Can you share the full line from the log? That should help identify what node is logging it. I don't recognize it as an error from either of the nodes you have shown in the screenshot.

Thanks for your answer
I got this error when linking the elements that are on the screenshot and it was displayed on the debug window of Nod red. I restarted docker and it was fixed. My solution is just above in the comments :slight_smile:

Had you been experimenting with any contrib nodes (firebase maybe)?

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