"TypeError: node.info is not a function" - recurring error


Hi, I’m new to Node-red and have just installed a docker version on my QNAP NAS, which looked like it was working well, but I’ve just looked in the debug window and it shows the following recurring error.

"TypeError: node.info is not a function"

Does anyone know what this relates to, as I cleared all flows and it is still there ? Has anyone seen that and know how to address this message ?



That sounds like a bug in one of the nodes you have installed. Does the debug message have a node ID in the top right corner? If not, have a look in the node-red log where you should see the message and it may have an extra clue as to where it has come from.



Hi, thanks for responding.

I went back to check and it’s no longer showing that error constantly any more in the debug window. I’ve not done anything, but it’s stopped.

I’ll keep an eye on it, thanks again.