UI chart not rendered properly

Dear all,
I am getting crazy with a very probably tiny missing settings.
I do have a flow in Nodered which does also uses an UI and some charts on it.
Everything works perfectly except that the every time the UI is accessed from any browser, the charts does appear like in a tiny format.
As soon as at least one new value is received on the charts (even for just one topic), the charts is shown perfectly.
The same issue arose as soon as i change from one tab to the other (and eventually even getting back to a tab for which a new values was received and hence was properly working).
You can clearly understand what I am talking about in the image attached.
I tried to make some alternative ways to force a new values to be forced to be injected as soon as the UI is open or a tab is changed, but that's an head-ache.
Do you know the reason why this is happening?

I have seen that issue with Firefox, is that the browser you are using ? If so try Chrome.

Hi smchann99,
I faced the trouble in Chrome actually, and Edge as Well.
Any other idea hiw to solve It?

I thought this was limited to firefox, but it seems not @dceejay any ideas ?

I think this has been seen before. At that time it only affected the last chart on the page. But it was not possible to replicate in a repeatable manner. It must be a subtle rendering/timing bug.

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