Ui_chart styling

In this previous thread, an example by @hotNipi demonstrated how the line styling of a ui_chart could be changed (also add a 'fill'), and other styling.

Instead of applying a global style which changes all series in a line chart, is it possible to for example add a 'fill' to one series, a dashed line to the second series, etc.

That takes to change options for (every) dataset.
dataset is property of Chart.data which you can't reach if you are using ui_chart node. You must create chart (with ui_template) to have reference to data object. And of course, then you'll need to configure much more than just line type.

Really don't want to go down that road. I've seen your previous ui_template example, and it would still require a lot of work to implement it.

Is that something that could be exposed (if @dceejay chose to do so?)

Is this possible, or likely?

unlikely unless someone fancies offering up a pull request.

That's a shame, because without lots of coding, the ui_chart is the only option for users to use.
If we could style the series individually, it would open up lots of opportunities for users like hotnipi to do their magic.

Why is it a shame ? I do this on my own free time as do you. As you know the Angular 1 framework that the dashboard is built on will become unsupported (beyond EOL) later in the year - so I personally don't feel any urgency to add new features to something we need to replace fairly soon. If you feel different then by all means make it happen. Hotnipi has shown you a way to do it using the template so there is the workaround.

No I didn't know, and you didn't say that in your last posts. Had I known, I would not have raised this in the first place, or commented further...

No worries.

Here is a link to the workaround mentioned above.
Chart.js can be extensively customised, and now data can be restored in the chart upon a browser connect, so older data is not lost when a browser is closed.

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