UI design in node automatically according to number of CAN bus

I am designing a flow in which gateway side i am sending data to door controller via can bus and to node red ui through mqtt .I have to design UI for door on/off button and status of door in text ,but automatically it means x no of can bus if i am using then x no. of door ui would automatically designed in node red.Please help .

thank you

Assuming you are using the Node-RED Dashboard, you will need to read up on using Angular v1's loop feature. You can then use this in a ui_template node.

firstly thank you sir for giving answer,but can you tell how to use Angular v1 loops ,i really need help in this.

ng-repeat is what you need to investigate. I'm afraid I no longer regularly use Dashboard and don't currently have time to expand. You will certainly find examples however, both in this forum, on the Flows site and on the Internet.

Sir i searched but not getting any idea.please can you help


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Thank you Sir.I will read this and ask my doubts if any .

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