UI locks up after deploy or initial load

Not sure if this is tied to an upgrade or a removal of some nodes/pallets that I didn't use but ever deploy the browser locks up for 30-45 seconds and then catches up to clicks. I've tried three different computers and two browsers (chrome, safari). It's odd it just locks up the browser completely, nothing strange shows up in the console or in the NR logs as the system still seems to be running fine. When the browser is frozen flows are still executed though.

I ran a profile in Chrome, this seems to be what's locking it up but since it's minimized it's hard to read.

Dashboard also hangs after I depoy

So I was set on starting a new instance and porting over my flows. I started the process and on the new instance one of the options was to import a project from a git repo so I figured I would commit my old one and just do that. While I was doing that I noticed that all node_modules were in git (first mistake) and that I had recently changed all the permissions because I couldn't install a new one (second mistake). Because of this, every file was /changed/ and I guess git (or what ever NR is using to control git) could handle it thus the frozen browser. I restored the node_modules before my change and no more frozen browser.

TDLR; Check that you don't have a git issue if you're browser is locking up.