UI template node html embedding itself into ui url


Hey guys, I've been building out a form with drop down boxes and hidden input fields. I'm pre-populating the form from a database and letting the user choose values from the drop downs which is then passed back to the database with some basic angular. (I'm just a hack so try not to laugh too hard at my work) :stuck_out_tongue:)

Anyhow everything is working fine and I can update the database and retrieve values to pre-populate the fields just fine, however for some reason some of my html code is populating in the URL string and I can't figure out why. But it results in a very long url that is not necessary.

Thoughts? I can provide the flow if necessary but its large

Here's a sampe of the form:



For some odd reason I had put name attributes in the html tags for the select boxes name="temp1" etc

I removed them and the url is clean.