Uibuilder moving to new instance

Hi i want to use the changing state of a switch to open another page on my uibuilder .
so when switch A changes state , A page on uibuilder displays this fact then returns to the main page either timed return or manually dependent on what has occurred, i know i can use toast but i want to include images etc and further information to the user. i have and want to move to
thanks for your help.

How about using this in your pages:

How To Redirect to Another Webpage (w3schools.com)

i see the the javascript window.location.replace("http://www.w3schools.com"); but not sure how to use it in my uibuilder (basically where to put it) ?

Any HMTL input has a a number of "events" that are triggered depending on what a user does. You will find the details in the VueJS or bootstrap-vue documentation (and more in the html documentation of course).

In Vue, each event can have a method attached to it. A method is a js function and so that is where you need to put the location change.

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