Uibuilder: New video available - The uib-tag node

Hi all, at long last there is a new uibuilder video available on my YouTube channel. This is the 4th video and it is all about the uib-tag node that was added in the last release a couple of weeks ago.

There is an example flow that goes with the video: Examples of uibuilder's uib-tag node (flow) - Node-RED (nodered.org)

uib-tag is a zero-code node for uibuilder that will add a single element to your web page. As always, it can be chained together with itself and other zero-code nodes such as the uib-element node so that you can make as complex a UI as you like.

Again, as always with uibuilder's zero-code nodes, the output is a message containing a ._ui property containing the low-code configuration data that describes the visual elements and configuration. Don't forget that, in the next release of uibuilder, you will be able to use that configuration data with other web page providers such as Dashboard and http-in/-out nodes.


Quick note: Looks like the HD version hasn't been processed by YouTube as at 4pm BST today. Hopefully it will be available soon.

Available now at 5pm BST.