Uibuilder not working / only white page visible


I just downloaded uibuilder and I am trying to get it working with sample node. So I put timestamp, uibuilder and debug node together. After deploy and visiting the site localhost:1880/uibuilder/index.html nothing happen. The page is completly white and I cant see anything. I installed vuejs, jquery, socket.io and bootstrap, but I have still the issue.

Could someone help?

When you get a whitescreen with a front-end framework like Vue, REACT or Angular, you should always open your browser's developer console to see what the error is.


I was facing the same problem, I've followed @TotallyInformation recomendation and noticed the problem was somehow related with vue and bootstrap so I did the following:
sudo npm list bootstrap (result was nothing found)
sudo npm list vue (result was nothing found)

sudo npm install vue
sudo npm install bootstrap-vue

restarted node-red

and now it works just fine.

Hope this helps and work for you also.

Hi Fernando,

It should not be necessary to do sudo install of any npm package unless you install it with the -g flag. Indeed doing so will very likely cause issues later on.

I am imagining that you perhaps have Node-RED running under sudo or directly under root and this is very much not recommended.

Not only are you likely to run into permissions issues, should you open your device to the Internet, you will be greatly weakening security.

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Hi Julian,
Thank you, just to explain I'm a completely noob in this things :sweat_smile:
Not only on node-RED but also with the OS and the security issues. I'm doing some experiments with a Raspberry Pi and trying to learn something along the way.
Thank you very much for the heads-up.

Best Regards,

Not a problem. That's why I repeatedly add these kinds of comments to threads. It is very easy for people to get carried away with the possibilities without thinking through the potential outcomes.

We all have to start somewhere :wink:

somehow the problem is gone. I connected my raspberry today again and tryed this flow out and it works. I guess I had to reboot my raspberry

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