Unable to deploy my flow with websockets


Hi there,

I am running Node-RED 19.5 on Bluemix. Wehen creating a simple flow (or even subflow), I am able to create one or more websocket out nodes and deploy.

When using my (more complex) flow, I am unable to create even one websocket while getting errors after deloy / initialize: "Missing server configuration" followed by "Error: two instances of WebSocketServer cannot listen on the same http server path". These messages appera multiple times (10 or so) even though I only placed only one websocket node on the canvas.

It looks to me as if I am unable to create/store the config nodes or having duplicates (even though the config nodes page does only show the one configured).

Restaging an reinstallting the whole thing on another server does take over the effect.

Any ideas, what is going wrong or how I can track down the source of the problem? I am lost since a week!!

Thanks for any hint and comments,



thanks to notes-red community we found the source of the problem. The websocket definition I made, is defined in a subflow, which (of course) is called from different parts of my application.

The websocket configuration uses config nodes, which will be loaded once per reference to the subflow. To resolve this issue, the config node needs to be "globaly" accessible by every flow/subflow. The configuration node allows to defines the scope using the drop-down at the bottom of the configuration node dialog.

Simple cause big trouble - solved now.