Unable to view NR from ordinary browser window after browser crash

I can't load NR (from a local rpi server) in a Firefox standard window any more.
It still loads fine in a Firefox Private Window or Chrome.

The error* I'm getting suggests corruption in Firefox profiles; ( FF crashed running NR yesterday ).
Normally, I'd just clear out NR cookies, storage etc. and expect to continue. But there aren't any NR cookies.

The unhappy file is red/red.min.js. (There was a similar error from a monaco.min file which disappeared when I changed from monaco to ace in settings.js.)

Any thoughts (or preferably quick fixes that don't involve faffing with FF!) please?

Note: NR was unaffected on the server.

*Debugger Error:

Exception { name: "NS_ERROR_STORAGE_CONSTRAINT", message: "", result: 2153971715, filename: "http://rpi4-home:2000/red/red.min.js?v=2.1.1", lineNumber: 16, columnNumber: 0, data: null, stack: "init@http://rpi4-home:2000/red/red.min.js?v=2.1.1:16:21746\ninit@http://rpi4-home:2000/red/red.min.js?v=2.1.1:16:19049\n@http://rpi4-home:2000/red/main.min.js?v=2.1.1:16:161\ne@http://rpi4-home:2000/vendor/vendor.js?v=2.1.1:2:30005\nDeferred/then/l/</t<@http://rpi4-home:2000/vendor/vendor.js?v=2.1.1:2:30307\n" }
columnNumber: 0
data: null
filename: "http://rpi4-home:2000/red/red.min.js?v=2.1.1"
lineNumber: 16
message: ""
result: 2153971715
stack: "init@http://rpi4-home:2000/red/red.min.js?v=2.1.1:16:21746\ninit@http://rpi4-home:2000/red/red.min.js?v=2.1.1:16:19049\n@http://rpi4-home:2000/red/main.min.js?v=2.1.1:16:161\ne@http://rpi4-home:2000/vendor/vendor.js?v=2.1.1:2:30005\nDeferred/then/l/</t<@http://rpi4-home:2000/vendor/vendor.js?v=2.1.1:2:30307\n"
<prototype>: ExceptionPrototype { toString: toString(), name: Getter, message: Getter, … }

Have you tried doing ctrl-f5 a few times to force-clear the cached javascript and css?

Also, try using an in-private session just to check that it is actually something cached in your main profile.

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Thanks to @TotallyInformation & @Steve-Mcl for suggestions.

I found the only way of getting round this problem was to use a different URL to get to NR since it appears FF ties local storage permissions to the unresolved URL. So "mdns-url.local" gives you fresh local storage for monaco etc. compared with "mdns-url" without the .local. Actually fixing the original corrupt storage is too intricate.

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