Uninstalling nodes

I install an i2c lcd node using:

cd ~/.node-red/node_modules

git clone https://github.com/johnty/node-red-contrib-i2clcd

cd ~/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-i2clcd

npm i

As I install via git clone, I presume i cannot uninstall via npm or the palatte (tried), How do I uninstall the node and dependencies cleanly and not screw up the system?


Hi @kenkoknz

that's a slightly unconventional way to have installed the node. I assume there was a particular reason to install the code from git rather than npm. For future reference, you could have done:

cd ~/.node-red
npm install johnty/node-red-contrib-i2clcd

and npm would have installed it from github auto-magically.

To remove it, run npm remove node-red-contrib-i2clcd from ~/.node-red.

If that fails, just delete the directory ~/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-i2clcd.

Thanks for the quick response, I will give it a go. The reason I want to uninstall the node is to try another i2c lcd node, in case the old one interfers with the new one,
I notice that one can also disable the node, will disabling the node another alternative to uninstall?

i have try it as your advice. but it is not in the node_modules . i have try to remove it globales in system of raspberry. but it dont work too

@zhang please ask the questions in only one thread.