How to Uninstall Node-Red-contrib-ui-i

I'm running NR version 1.3.4 and NJS version 10.24.0 on a RPI 400.

The NR dashboard that is installed is an old dashboard version "node-red-contrib-ui-i" and I want to replace it with the newer NR dashboard.

The issue is that I can't seem to uninstall it, either from the NR palette manager or from the CMD line with "sudo npm remover node-red-contrib-ui-i".

Any suggestions?


Aren't the npm options to delete packages npm uninstall node-red-contrib-ui-i and/or npm prune node-red-contrib-ui-i ?
npm --help might confirm.

If you can't uninstall it using package manager then probably you still have some nodes in the flow, or configuration nodes. Check in the menu Configuration Nodes for any unused nodes and delete them and deploy.

Alternatively to uninstall from the command line go to your .node-red folder (that is important) and run
npm remove node-red-contrib-ui-i
If that doesn't remove it then post the full output from the command here.

Remove is an alias for uninstall. It is much easier to type I find.

Thanks. :+1:

I assume that the OP's "sudo npm remover node-red-contrib-ui-i" is a typo.

Thanks, I was able to manually delete that folder, and install the latest dashboard.

I had an issue with the palette manager not loading due to an older version of NPM. I had to upgrade to the latest version.

Seems to be working now!



Manually delete what folder? If you mean the you deleted the folder from the node_modules folder, but have left it in package.json, then npm is liable to re-install it for you without warning.

I will check that file and if Its still in the package.json I will remove it.


The safest way is to run the uninstall command.

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