Installed the dashboard-evi can't seem to remove it

I installed dashboard-evi instead of node-red-dashboard

I am now tiring to remove it. Unfortunate the ui_base cant seem to be disabled for removal.

How can I remove this ui_base so I can uninstall dashboard-evi and install node-red-dashboard? My goal is a hamradio based dashboard. I anyone can recommend an appropriate Dashboard it would be greatly appreciated.

Shanta McBaimn

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Go into your .node-red folder (or wherever your flows file is located) and run
npm remove node-red-dashboard-evi (if that is the name).
Then restart node-red and refresh the browser. It will probably tell you on startup that there are missing nodes. Then you should be able to install node-red-dashboard via Manage Palette.

I tried that but did not work. As per your instructions. same error as before. I removed the directory then things started to work.

I have node-red-dashboard working in node read.


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