Unable to remove add-on

Good day, I'm trying to remove the already installed module dashboard-evi and node-red-dashboard, I have both installed and they are both in conflict. I installed the first one by mistake and then uninstalled it and then installed the second one (node-red-dashboard). Nothing can be removed, node-red is installed on cebra and I have Venus OS v3.00. I also installed other mobiles, when I disable them and then uninstall them, the module is removed. When I restart node-red, the uninstalled module is there again, even when I restart cebro, it doesn't help... Can you help me?

Thank you in advance

@hacesoft welcome to the forum

First thing to do is make a backup of your flow.

Did you delete all ui nodes from your flow before trying to remove the dashboard node?

  1. what nodes are you talking about?
  2. what version of Node-RED and node.js are you using? (you can find this in the NR startup log)
  3. how big is your flow? i.e. in the editor, how many tabs do you have and about how many nodes?

Good day, I don't have anything in node-red, it's completely empty... The node-red version is v3.0.2, I don't know how to find out what the node.js version is. Node-red is part of OS Venus 3.0. which was released last week for Cebro GX ( Cerbo GX - Victron Energy )

Have you contacted victronenergy about this?

You will probably be better served there.

They write that these services (node-red) are not officially supported by victron. I think I found the solution...

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