Unmanned Weighbridge System with Node RED

Hello all,

I am working on an industrial solution named as Unmanned Weighbridge System.
The architecture is designed such that Node RED is the middleware application that interacts with a variety of software tools such as

  • MSSQL Database

  • Web Applications

  • Python Scripts

  • SAP

and hardware components such as

  • RF Readers

  • PLC

  • Load Cell Indicator

  • IP Cameras

I have added a lot of features such as

  • TCP based Debugger Tool to securely view Debug Messages

  • Python based Bootloader to safeguard the source .json file

  • Extensive Text Logging System

  • SMS based Alert System

I am using this platform to express that this tool is performing exceptionally very well considering the variety of components it is interacting and the load. Now I have crossed 12 deployments across sites pan India and this solution is gaining a lot of traction in the Construction Industry.
With this open source system performing as the main backbone of this product, our customers are able to prevent fraud activities on the weighbridge and they are able to accommodate higher number of overall transactions because of the automated system.
I have seen people debate about the stability of this tool but actually what matters is that we completely understand the capabilities of the tool and design our solution that can be run by the tool with comfort. This tool is highly versatile and we can develop our solutions faster compared to other tools in the market.
I will try to update the secure bootloader and TCP debugger scripts which can be very useful while designing a industry standard solution.


Sounds very interesting. Great write up. And kudos to node-red.

Is this something you will be sharing back to the node-red community? On here? Github?



Cool stuff.

I recall a (more visual) topic about this, it might give some inspiration :slight_smile:

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