Updating old kit

@TotallyInformation At the risk of getting off-track with discussions of supporting "old kit" I've found Linux to add new life to old stuff quite nicely once you've climbed the learning curve.

For example I turned an old i5 Thinkpad T-410, a "business class laptop" that was current when Windows 7 was what they shipped with, into a very effective host for my AI system. It lacks USB3 so it seemed hopeless, but then Google came out with Coral TPU modules in MPCIe and various M.2 form factors. This computer had an obolete WiFi "G" module in its MPCIe slot, replacing it with the TPU module and and replacing the Windows7 SATA drive with a SATA SSD with Ubuntu-Mate and presto, the old "dust collector" suddenly became very useful!

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We were really talking about mobile devices since desktops and laptops are very easily upgraded (well, as long as they are not Apple Mac's that is).

I moved from 2 Pi's to a single Thinkpad x240 (i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB HDD) quite some time back. Runs Debian without a desktop. Happily runs Node-RED, Mosquitto, InfluxDB, Grafana, Zigbee2MQTT, Docker, NGINX. Docker runs my Ubiquiti Wi-Fi controller (Java & MongoDB) and a very simple remote desktop in case I ever need one. It runs in low-power mode so no fans come on. Doesn't run Wi-Fi, it only uses Ethernet. It also has a USB 433 MHz transceiver dongle and the USB Zigbee dongle attached.

But it is mobile devices that are the problem with older browsers.

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