Upcoming V2.0 release - incompatible with older devices?

One of the reason to shift my complete smarthome setup to NR was the dashboards widgets which are still (more or less) compatible with older browser system like on my old 2012 iPad which is perfect as a permanent info board.
Obviously with newer versions also underlaying libraries (i.e. angularJS etc.) might no longer be suitable for older systems. What about the new V2.0? Are libraries affected with are used for the dashboard?

Node-RED 2.0 does not bring any changes to the dashboard nodes. They are maintained separately.

There are no plans to change the underlying libraries used by dashboard.

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The only thing that might effect older devices, would be where Node-RED it's self will run.

The minimum supported version of NodeJS is moving from NodeJS v8 to NodeJS v12

actually we will also release dashboard v3 - which will bump the socket.io library to version 4 that also drops node v8 support (and has some critical vulnerability fixes)


Will dashboard V3 improve on the real-time chart performance? :grin:

We accidently let more points go through to the line chart for a better visualization of an accelerometer data, and it froze the old laptop's browser :sweat_smile:

No. No fundamental changes...

Good to hear, Node-RED itself runs on a Pi3. I would not expect any issues there.

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