Updating to the latest/newest NR - just asking

Ok, I may seen to be a stubborn person with NR 2.x but it isn't without reason.

Three machines are running 24/7 and I updated one to 2.2.2 and the dashboad to 3.1.6

Now (for a long time) when I deploy I get a message about 3 x spacers not configured correctly.

Before I updated they worked (or: were configured correctly). Now they aren't.
The rub for me is that I'm not told WHICH. I have quite a few spacers on my dashboards and I am not really wanting to have to scroll through a lot of dashboards and edit each one.

So: I am reluctant to update to later versions.

To help this old fogey get up to speed: what can I do to make it easier to find these misconfigured spacers?

Because at some stage I am going to have to update to later version.
Thanks in advance.

I think updating should fix that issue see -


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