Upgrading to v2 and install sqlite inside docker image

I have a few flows that use sqlite running smoothly up to 1.3.6. Upgrading to v2 however stops the flows saying that there are node types missing: sqlitedb and sqlite.

But they are already installed:

My first guess was that I had to ssh into the docker image and install them, but once inside, there is no apt command to install sqlite and the npm command seems to work as expected. I am using a volume to keep the node_modules directory persistent across images.

What am I missing here?

NR v2 docker image uses a newer version of nodejs so you will need to npm rebuild any nodes that you have added that have a binary component (eg SQLite). You won’t be able to use the same node_modules directory for both docker images

Thank you @dceejay. I tried to run npm rebuild inside the container, and even reinstalling the sqlite and sqlitedb modules, but after restarting the container it still shows the nodes as not being recognised in the flow.

For anyone looking for this answer, I had to run both commands:

npm rebuild
npm rebuild sqlite
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