Using 2 nodes with 2 different DB servers


Is possible to read data from two different database servers?

I created two different mysql nodes, each connecting to its database and they do work individually, but if I enable both of them, one node changes its configuration by taking over the other node's settings.


Which database node are you using?

Sorry, forgot to mention it: mysql.

When you edit one of the nodes make sure you click the down arrow and select Add new Database in order to set up the second connection. (and then make sure each the nodes are configured to point to different ones)

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I did that by following a prior post ( with no avail. Maybe because I'm using two different servers not two instances.

That should not matter. It should work with multiple configs.

Does your drop-down have 2 entries, set for different servers?

Yes. I used one mysql node with two entries, but I've to choose only one at the time for it to work.

Ok, I separed the nodes maintaining the multiple config and worked!!
Thank you!

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