Using a local Map Server (WMS server)

Hello everyone!,

A few days ago i was looking for an easy way to draw gps coordinates on a map, and an user just recoment me to use this So the question about this i've been reading about how to run a local map server. does anyone knows how can i make it run on a raspberry pi 3?.

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The readme for the node gives the basics - and example setup files etc - but setting up a WMS map server is not the simplest of tasks - and will require you to create your own sets of tiles and .map file that points to them. The mapserver documentation is way more comprehensive

You've got a good idea. Setting up a local map server can come in handy for drawing GPS coordinates on a map.

This thread is 5 years old and I'm not sure if you still need help with this. But if you do, I can definitely give you some pointers. Setting up a map server on a Raspberry Pi 3 is totally doable. One option is to use open-source software like MapServer or GeoServer. You'll need to install the software on your Pi, configure it with your map data, and set up your web server to serve the map tiles. It's also worth considering hosting your map server on a dedicated server instead of a Raspberry Pi, especially if you're expecting a lot of traffic. Check out for some great options. Hope this helps!

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