Using descision tables?


Are there ways to process messages based on a decision table? I am looking into some complex automation scenarios, and can't get myself to build out every variation manually. For example a number of different states like:

  • time of day
  • lighting scene preselected
  • time since last trigger
  • mood of my son's hamster
  • ...

And then act on the result, for example change something within msg.payload or choose a specific output connector to send the data to.

I know that all of this can be done with individual nodes and haven't found anything related to "decision table" - maybe for a good reason?

You might try searching the flows site for "finite state machine" which might possibly be related to what you are asking for?

Interesting, that concept is new for me. I need to wrap my head around how to transfer it to my use case.

Thank you so far!

Certainly! In Node-RED, you can emulate a decision table by using input nodes, a Switch node for conditions, and Function nodes for actions. It's a modular and scalable approach, offering flexibility in handling diverse automation scenarios without manual configuration for each variation.

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