Using grunt when contributing

Hi folks,

This must be a silly question, because all other contributors seem to understand it (except me)...

Would like to create a pull-request for Node-RED, but grunt is mentioned in the checklist:


Have followed all the steps from development getting-started tutorial, and indeed it asks to install grunt and build the project with grunt.

When I build with grunt, then it says in green letters "Done". So I assumed first that I did a good job. However when looking in Node-RED's Gruntfile.js it seems that it also includes a.o. jshint (for Javascript code quality checking):

jshint: {
   options: {

So I assume it can also check automatically whether I have followed the Node-RED coding standards correctly. And more stuff (like unit tests ...) that I really should run before releasing my pull request. But when I explicit change my code to a nasty format, don't see an error or warning somewhere :frowning_face:

Can anybody please explain which commands I should run, where I can find the output. So everything that I should do before releasing the pull request.


You just run grunt with no arguments and it will build the code and run the unit tests. Is that not what you see?

The jshint task is only applied to the editor code.

Ah how stupid. Now indeed I see the unit tests running. Thanks!

I assume you mean this entry in the log:


I wanted to check my changes in the red.js file (for automatic https renewal feature), to see whether I followed the coding standards correctly.
It is listed in the table at the end:


But I "assume" that is then only about code coverage (and not about code quality)?
Would just like to check easily whether my changes are good enough to go (and of course that I don't break anything).

Well the grunt task isn't the only measure we use of whether changes are good to merge... we haven't completely replaced the need for human review of proposed changes :wink:

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Oh nooo :rofl: Thanks!!!

Damn, now I know why I was so convinced that I had done this before. The Node-RED dashboard readme page also has a Developer section, where I had to do this (long time ago):

We also have suggested lint and js styles that can be checked with:

gulp lint
gulp jscs

So it was in the dashboard project and not in Node-RED itself...
Case closed !!

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