Using wait until node with motion sensors


I am having an issue with the wait until node.

I have a motion sensor at my desk which will turn on my desk lights and another light in the middle of my room with nice colours.

I also have a motion sensor in the middle of my room.

When this sensor is triggered it will make the light white.

I want to wait until the motion sensor does not detect motion before changing it to the nice colour

I am trying to use the wait until node but it gets stuck waiting.

Please see my wait until node configuration

Appreciate any help

So to elaborate further so we understand what you are trying to achieve

  1. We usually tell people to replace any custom nodes (such as the HA Webhook nodes) with inject nodes with sensible data - we can then test what you have currently tried.

can you exapnd more in english as to exactly what you expect to happen ?

Generally with the way you have described - essentially two motion sensors involved i would use a combination of a boolean comparison node and the trigger node


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