Wait until node

I have a question on the "wait until" node:

Idea is that a message goes in the wait until node and activates it. Now the node should wait until a binary sensor turns its state to true (on) and then it should pass the message.

I guess the payload of the binary sensor is a boolean parameter but what ever I do, I always get a timeout. Tried even to compare with the string "on".

Any Ideas?

I havent used the node .. but based on the screenshot, shouldnt Wait Until be msg.payload ?

This is a HA node, may get better answers on HA forum.

But according to your screenshot, it is waiting until payload is false. @UnborN is probably right that it needs to be msg.payload, but hard to tell

Okay will try on HA Forum.

Yeah i think msg. is missing but even with that it doesn't work

Have you tried feeding in an inject to the HA node with payload set to boolean false? as a test.

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